Not Another Time Tracking Tool

What is it?

NATTT is your tracking mate. It helps you keep track of your work and time you have spent.


NATTT is free! And the basic version will stay free. Do I have to say more?!

Multi platform

NATTT is available for every platform: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, you name it.

Easy to use

UX and good design is our passion. NATTT is no exception. Our goal is to give you the simplest way to track your time.


NATTT is like a good assistant. It will ask you what you are doing from time to time. You don't have to remind yourself.

How it works

NATTT is the simplest and fastest way to track your time. Just create a new task or use an existing task to track your time. And if you would like to get an overview, just go to the calendar or export your data.


Login app

Login or create a new account


Track time

Start tracking your time by adding one or more hours of a task to your day


Get a report

Get a monthly overview or download a report based on your projects


You want features? Here you go:


NATTT is a multi-platform application running on every device and OS.

Live Sync

Automatically sync your data across all your devices in real time.


It still works, even if you lost connection. If you are back online, it'll automatically sync your data.

Ease Of Use

We would like to create the easiest to use time tracking tool which is also fun to use. See the minimalistic design and animations in real live.


In the future there will be a pro version with some advanced features.


Multi-platform application

Track time for tasks and projects

Live sync your data across all devices

Works even if you lost connection

0 / mon



Create teams

Add project and tasks estimations

Add a day rate for projects

More reports

External API integration with 3rd Party Apps

? / mon


Frequently asked questions

Using NATTT should be easy and intuitive, but you may have some questions or even don't know about some things. Here are some answers.

Yes, of course you can. If you create a new task, just prefix it with your project name e.g. "NATTT: Bugfixing". Make sure to use ":" to separate the project name from the task name. If the project is used for the first time, it'll be created automatically, so you can reuse it for additional tasks. If you start typing you even get a list of already available projects to choose from.

If you are lost in the past and don't want to navigate back to the current month in the calendar view, just tap on the month name in the title to quickly go back to current month.

Yes, just tap on the label of a task in the day view to remove all hours of this task from the day. And by the way: If you would like to clear a day at once, just tap on the "x" at the top right of the inner progress circle.

Just go to your profile page. There you can logout the current user.

Get NATTT now

NATTT is still in beta, but it is available for every device and platform. Let us know if you miss a platform or want to see a missing feature.


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